Society Of Philosophers (S.O.Ph)

Show the world that you do not fall victim to dogma.

Express your ability to think against the herd.

It's time everyone sees the philosopher in you, so that they may wake and see the philosopher in themselves.

Without a doubt, there is a philosopher in us all.

Questioning Everything

While living under this modern society, statements tend to go flying. We are constantly being fed an abundance of information everyday via social media, the news, and other sources like those close to us. If we do not question all of the items that take up our headspace, then are we really even ourselves at the end of the day? It's easy to become victim to what we think we know and the only way to veer from this path of lies is to question everything in our faculty and anything that will be taught to us in the future. There are two things necessary to control large masses of people, and that is ignorance and the act of accepting facts without questioning the premise.

Only the human who questions everything can be free from this informationally plagued world.

Those who observe and question the absolute functions of the universe and the human species without bias, emotion, or preconceived notions are the the wearer of this cloth and a member of The New Sophists.

Society Of Philosophers

"The Society if Philosophers "is an idea more than a group of people but as we know from other entities these two things are very much intertwined. In the era that we live in, we need critical thinking in our habits now more than ever. Today there is much more at our diosposal than ever before and we are utilizing these items without any depth of true knowledge. It seems that everything in our livelihood is in creation of another human. We are in an era where our lives are susceptible to being seized by entities looking to profit from our labor or ignorance. From the foods we eat to the religions we practice, from the languages we speak to the morals we hold - nothing is of originality. In order to become ourselves we must question the meaning of everything while searching for truth. Amongst our constant voyage for truths, we practice these crucial principles:

1. Kindness and the constant pursuit to relieve the suffering of others when possible

2. Engaging in debates without emotion (or at least attempting to)

3.Criticizing ourselves as much as we criticize others

4. Having genuine empathy for others and understanding why they believe what they believe

5. Practicing Stoicism and it's four virtues - courage, justice, wisdom, moderation

6. Observing human tendencies in both their historical and modern forms.

7. The perpetual study in the branches of Philosophy (Metaphysics, Epistemology, Ethics)

We can either rise to this standard of what it is to be human, or we can perish as a species who was victim to their very own basic instincts.