Philosophy For The Beginner

 In this page, the main focus is to promote books I have read and recommend it to others.

 For the beginner I recommend getting a hold of an this audio book "600 Quotes Of Ancient Philosophy". This short, eye opening sequence of quotes is soothing and incredibly easy to understand. It has soft ambient music and delicate pauses in between each quote. I usually play this about twice a month when I endeavor on backpacking excursions.   You can search this and acquire it on many different platforms. I maintain in my writings that I do not wish to promote any specific program or marketplace. I simply wish to promote the act of studying philosophy.


This next one is extremely popular amongst the general people. This is a highly recommended book engulfing stoic ideology. Marcus Aurelius was a Roman Emperor and Stoic Philosopher who, even though died over two thousand years ago, popularized stoicism today. 



Philosophy introduction books are at the top of the list but remain at the bottom for the more interested viewer. I have read four philosophy introduction style books and these two personally are my favorite. You will get some repetition on certain philosophers and ideas if you read any more than one, so for the beginner, I would recommend just choosing one.